This website is all about travel, trips, backpacking, hiking, biking, road trips and everything in between. I strongly feel the need to get out there and see new places, experience new cultures, and see life from a different point of view.  I view life differently every time I come back from a trip.

This travel website allows travelers to gain knowledge and tips for upcoming trips or vacations they are planning. If you have information that you think would be helpful to someone, by all means leave feedback. I tend to backpack to areas that are less developed. There are many reasons to travel to these countries. For one your money will last a whole lot longer that heading to Europe or other developed places.

I have backpacked through 38 countries in 5 continents and feel like I’ve only seen a fraction of whats out there. Everyone has a story to tell after a trip and here’s a place where you can write about it, give advice, and get information for your next travel adventure.

My first major backpacking travels were to Australia, New Zealand,  and Southeast Asia.  Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos were the countries I traveled to on this portions of the backpacking adventure.  After this trip it really opened my eyes to what else was out there.

Traveling to Western Europe came next.  After meeting so many people on my previous trip to Australia, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand, I made the trek over to see some friends. A trip through England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Czek Republic, Portugal, Italy and Spain, made for quite a travel adventure. With so much to see here and such a diverse cultures between countries, it was a great backpacking adventure.

Central America came next for a surf travel adventure through Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. My lack of speaking Spanish made this trip a little harder to travel around than it could have been if I had been a bit more prepared.  Some beautiful beaches, some great surf and some great people made this trip a found memory for me.

After leaving Central America, I made the decision to return again the following year and start further North in Central America, in Mexico and head south, to the tip of South America.  With time on my side I have 7 months to get there.  7 months later and 12 countries later, this trip had been everything I had wanted and much more.  The beauty of South America was for me the natural landscapes, the people, and the cultures. Each country was so different and offered something unique about it.  One thing I will say, you need time to travel South America.  The distances are massive, and in some countries the travel between these countries is slow, especially Bolivia. That being said, after your trip you may look back and remember the bus times as some very fond memories. Its not always about the destination but the effort and time getting there.

India had always been on my mind and to me seemed like the next level of adventure travel and getting out of the norm.  India was a love hate relationship for me, I absolutely loved India 90% of my trip, but that 10% when I hated it, I would have rather been anywhere else in the world.  The food, the mass amounts of people, the organized chaos of the streets all make India such an adventure I recommend it to most people looking to really get out there and see something different.

Nepal was next and is still today one of my favorite places in the world.  The natural beauty, the laid back people, the adventures Nepal has to offer, makes me want to return to Nepal and see more.  The Himalayas are to me the more beautiful mountain range in the world that I have seen.   Trekking is huge here and you can do anywhere from a 4 day trek to 15 day trek, probably even longer if you choose add-on routes.  Whitewater rafting and kayaking is also available.

There is more information on the following pages, ideas, tips, must sees must dos, are all my own opinion and things I did, so it is first hand knowledge and advice.

Get out there and see something.


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